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Why should you recommend this to your vendors?

When we spoke to members of the industry, in particular sales agents and property managers, they said a huge amount time was spent on post sale management. Everything from liaising with previous owners to find information about maintenance issues, pool pumps, warranties, paint colours to how security systems work and what date bin collections happen. They also told us it was difficult for homeowners to share information with them particularly when most things are offline. MyHomeVault consolidates everything in one place to make the handover process of a newly sold property that much smoother and minimise post-sale management.

Benefits of MyHomeVault

Store Property Documentation

Whether you are buying or selling a home you will need to locate and store the following documents. A zoning certificate A drainage diagram Property certificate Plan for the land Easement documentation Do you know where yours are right now?

Supports Multiple Properties

As an investor or owner of a strata property, there are specific documents you'll need on hand including: Property Certificate Strata Plan Copy of by-laws concerning common property With MyHomeVault you can access multiple properties and vaults.

Full Transparency

Because you’re expected to purchase a property ‘as you find it’ that means you’ll also sign up to any structural problems, pest infestations or other defects that might not be obvious to the naked eye. With MyHomeVault all surveys, building certificates and renovation history will be stored in the App for your to review prior to purchase.


Sometimes you need a little visual inspiration to help create the home of your dreams and be able to share those image with key tradespeople or architects. With MyHomeVault you can plan your renovation room by room by adding inspirational images alongside your current layout and styling.

National Property Data

MyHomeVault integrates with National Property Data to show your property history, details and valuations in real time. Simply enter in your home address and claim your property to see the information. NPG provides MyHomeVault with the data and insights needed to help homeowners make their property decisions faster.

Reduce Post Sale Issues

We spoke to many home owners and real estate agents who said that it was always difficult obtaining information about the home after buying a new property. Simply trying to find out the paint colour in the new kitchen proved difficult or locating the warranty insurance certificate for recent renovations done at the property.

Sound good? Download MyHomeVault now.
"With MyHomeVault I can instantly know how old appliances are and see the warranty document in the app. This is useful with prospective buyers."
Sales Agent
"My vendors want to ensure any previous work on the home was legal and has the appropriate paperwork associated."
Property Manager
"The personal vault feature is really valuable in my eyes. I use this for my own home as well as value-add offer for my vendors."
Agency CEO

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