What is MyHomeVault?

Will my home data be secure?

MyHomeVault is a new PropTech utility app that caters for homeowners, particularly those
looking to buy, sell and renovate their homes. It is also the perfect tool for homeowners who
like to keep their documents organised and safe rather than filing them away in a bottom
drawer, never to see the light of day.

What does it do?

Picture this, you’re looking to put an extension on your home to add value before putting it
on the market.

You have a meeting with your architect and they ask for the existing home plans and
drawings, but you have no idea where they are.
You also need to find the engineer specifications, occupancy certificate and sewerage
service diagram because you want to move the bathroom into the extension. With
MyHomeVault, these documents can be easily stored in the App and tagged against specific
rooms and images.
The data can even be shared with specific contacts in your phone safely and securely with a
simple touch of a button.

Your tradespeople contact details are stored against specific jobs, events and timelines so
deadlines are never missed and the history of work completed are captured in one location
on your phone.

The clincher – when you’ve found a new buyer for your home, the MyHomeVault account can
be transferred to them so they don’t have to start this whole process over again.

The added value and transparency throughout the purchasing cycle is priceless, and
reduces the post sale management for agents as all the home details like paint colours, tile
names and appliance warranties are stored in the App.

“I’m excited to launch MyHomeVault to market and provide a seamless and secure user
experience to homeowners. Having worked with Microsoft and global SaaS vendors for a
number of years now, I am confident in the product we have developed and can see it as
being a huge game changer.” says CPTO of MyHomeVault Ken Aoyama.

Mr Aoyama worked as a 200M-user-base SharePoint Product Manager at Microsoft for over
10 years in addition to launching a $2B valuation no-code app platform Kintone from scratch
and helping to scale Checkbox as one of the leading legaltech app platforms in ANZ market,
as an experienced CPTO.

But is my data secure?

MyHomeVault implements cybersecurity best practices on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
hosting infrastructure to ensure your data remains safe and under your control.
As the app is available to download through the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store it
has been through strict compliance and regulation testing including security compliance.

“MyHomeVault will help homeowners stay organised. After years of working with
tradespeople, mortgage brokers, banks, strata inspectors, estate agents and tenants I had
sensitive files everywhere, from kitchen drawers to my inbox to text messages on phones I
got rid of years ago.” says Tim Griffin, MyHomeVault advisor and CTO of Releaseit.

“The vault gives me a place to simply and safely forward email attachments, photograph
receipts, screenshot SMS chains and it gives me comfort because it was built from the
ground up for property owners who want to stay organised and on top of their portfolio”.

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